Are you willing to change the way you see?

I was ready.

Ree ColemanAfter decades of glasses, contacts,
pain and multiple eye surgeries, I jumped at the chance to train as a Natural Vision Educator. I’d been through the medical mill and I wanted to find a better way to heal my vision.

A few weeks into my training, my husband treated me to a weekend in Paris. Sounds like heaven, right?

Not so much. We flew in to the City of Lights and I couldn’t see a darn thing. Not the Eiffel Tower or paintings in the Louvre. Not the famous Café de Flore. Every charming arrondissement was just one big blur.

I returned home heartbroken. Monday morning, I sobbed at my kitchen table. In an attempt to come to terms with my failing vision, I walked up the street to the local school for the blind to look for large-print books and other resources I’d be needing for my dim-sighted future.

Then I met with my vision teacher to tell her my sad story and have her check what was left of my vision.

That’s when I got the shocking news: my vision had not deteriorated. It had improved by 60 percent! The reason I couldn’t see in Paris was that I’d outgrown my old glasses. Only weeks earlier, I could barely see without those lenses. Now, they were turning my world into a giant blur.

Too bad about Paris – but woohoo for my eyesight!

And so, what’s your story?

Maybe you’re expecting your vision to get worse as you age?

Or you’ve been diagnosed with an eye condition and been told there’s nothing you can do except drugs or surgery?

You might be an avid golfer or tennis player wanting to improve your tracking.

Or maybe you’re just tired of wearing glasses and you’ve heard about people who’ve thrown their glasses away after using Natural Vision Improvement.

I’m a Natural Vision Educator, trained in time-tested approaches based on the Bates Method. I’ve got the knowledge and techniques to help you upgrade your vision. Working with me, you’ll learn how to create powerful new visual habits that help you relax, revitalize your eyes and see better.

This may sound obvious, but your eyes are part of your body. So many clients come to me not knowing they can maximize their vision by nourishing and energizing their bodies.

My approach is truly holistic, thanks to my 25 years as a Yoga instructor. I’ve got the skills to help you integrate your eyes with your body’s other systems — and deeply nourish your whole body — so you can write your memoir, go bird-watching, sharpen your golf game and age with zest.

I found the path to healing my vision and seeing clearly again. Join me in this exciting journey to clearer vision!

Reasons why you want to work with me:

  1. I’ll put you on the fast track to vision improvement by personalizing your care – much more efficient than a DIY approach using books and videos.
  2. I’ll guide you through preparing for surgery to maximize your relaxation and minimize your recovery time.
  3. I’ll help you dramatically reduce your dependence on corrective lenses and contacts.
  4. I’ll teach you how to refresh your eyes so you can work longer at the computer with less strain.
  5. I’ll set you up to track your golf ball/baseball/football/tennis ball more accurately and be more centered at your core and on your feet.
  6. I’ll teach you habits that will lead to better reading, improved distance vision and increased tolerance of bright sunlight and the glare of night driving.
  7. I can show you how to get more mileage out of your eyes every day, with less strain and fatigue.

Don’t YOU want Better Vision Today?


and you have a totally new relationship with your eyes!

I’m so happy to offer you these five principles
that form the heart of my approach to better vision.

They may seem simple, but they are mighty powerful.


I met Ree several years ago and knew immediately she meant serious business. It is easy to see how passionate she is about her work. Her caring nature makes you feel so comfortable and safe. I always look forward to being in her positive energy!

Michelle P. Corey

Boston Biofeedback