I believe there are 5 elements for Natural Vision Improvement:

  1. RelaxationRelaxation
  2. Flexibility
  3. Awareness
  4. Strengthening
  5. Circulation

These elements share a theory with yoga, of which I have been a Kundalini Yoga practitioner and teacher of nearly 25 years.

Yoga for the Eyes

Yoga gives a mixture of eye exercises that enhances the functioning of the eyes helping to get over different eye-related issues. Applying yoga eye techniques consistently for a couple of months may go further in assisting the normal performance of your eyes. Yoga exercises will help improve the mind and body, having numerous natural health benefits; however, is never a substitute for medicine. It is essential to understand and exercise yoga postures with the care of a qualified Kundalini Yoga instructor only.

Personal Experience

I often combine classes, groups and workshops with Kundalini Yoga to enhance how we perceive our vision and how easily it can shift with a view to improving our vision. 90% of students experience a measurable vision shift after one class. Natural Vision Improvement is most effective when integrated as a yoga practice, whereby a daily program of awareness of how, when, and why we do (or do not see) and learning to stay in our bodies, can lead us down the path to permanent natural vision improvement.  For those of us who have organic eye defects, and/or minor or major visual issues, I am able to assist in teaching how to relax one’s eyes, and to learn how to retrain the eyes to work in concert with each other, often resulting in better vision, and teaching of pre- and post-op relaxation technique. I personally had retrained my eyes to work together so effectively that I increased my overall visual acuity by 60% after several eye surgeries.

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